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The Gnostic Viewpoint:
Essays on Modern Gnosticism

Collected here are are a series of essays discussing Gnosis and Gnosticism from a modern perspective.  Most of these originally appeared in Gnosis:  A Journal of Western Inner Experience.


What is a Gnostic?

We find the term "Gnostic" increasingly used in our modern age.  But what does it mean? What is Gnostic, and do they still exist?

Valentinus:  A Gnostic for All Seasons

Valentinus ranks as the most important of classical Gnostic teachers.  Several of the texts discovered at Nag Hammadi, including the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Truth, are attributed to Valentinian Gnosticism.  Who was Valentinus, and what was his perspective on Christianity?

The Gnosis of the Eucharist

After two-thousand years, the central mystery of Christian ritual remains the Eucharist.  But how are modern individuals to understand this ancient legacy?   

Wise Men from the East

An examinating of  the occult tradition of  "the secret master".  Is there a secret brotherhood of masters who direct the spiritual progress of humankind?

Hermes and Hermeticism Throughout the Ages

The Hermetic tradition is often associated with Gnosticism. In this essay the interrelationships of Hermetic history and Gnostic tradition are explored.

Wandering Bishops: Not All Roads Lead to Rome

A short history of the apostolic succession and the bishops that have carried this precious legacy of Christianity into modern esoteric and Gnostic Christianity.

C. G. Jung and the Alchemical Renewal

C. G. Jung was instrumental in awakening a modern understanding of the occult psychological and and spiritual foundations of Alchemy.  In this essay, Dr. Hoeller briefly reviews the seminal work of Jung on Alchemy.

Goddess Yes, Goddess No: The Feminine and the Multi-Centered God Image

What is the role of the Feminine within the God-image, and how might we orient our understand of "the Goddess" within a Gnostic perspective?

The Mystery of Iniquity

The question unde malum -- from whence cometh evil -- is an age-old concern of religion and of all humankind.  Here we examine the view Gnosticism offers in answer to this troubling question.

The Genesis Factor

The PBS television special "Genesis: A Living Conversation", hosted by Bill Moyers, directed wide attention to the many interpretations of the Book of Genesis. One of the vital readings of Genesis -- the Gnostic reading -- was, however, completely ignored. Explore here the balancing Gnostic perspective on Genesis.


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