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of the Manichaean Bema Psalms


He anointed him in his power,
he made him perfect by the Spirit of his love.
Implore him all.

He appointed him to three powers,
to tribulation, to the right hand, to bliss.
Implore him all.
He gave into his hands the medicine of life
that he might heal the wounded.
Implore him all.

He gave light with his Light to our Lamps.
Put oil into them by your faith.
Implore him all.

He gave the helmsman to the ships;
the butter he brought to the warm milk.
Implore him all.

He gave the bread of life to the hungry;
the clothing he brought to the naked.
Implore him all.

He gave light by his love to our Intelligence;
he made his faith shine in our Reason.
Implore him all.

He brought perfection to our Thought,
long-suffering to our Counsel.
Implore him all.

He bestowed Wisdom on our Intention
that it might be as butter for us.
Implore him all.

He wounded with his trumpet
in the worlds that are far, that are near, he roused them all.
Implore him all.

The ruler of the earth rose up against him
and persecuted him in his cities.
Implore him all.

He assumed the heart of his judges
that they might condemn him like the impious.
Implore him all.

They shut him up in their prisons
and loaded his limbs with iron.
We implore him.

They counseled against him in their evil counsels
that they might cast a slur on him daily.
Implore him all.
In the power of his glorious Father . . .
. . . he gave his Spirit.
Implore him all.

He was put to shame, the judge of lawlessness,
he brought his wrath down upon his body.
Implore him all.

They hung his head upon the gate,
knowing not what they were doing.
Implore him all.

The wise ones also that are among men
bore witness concerning his eminence.
Implore him all.

Let us bless him now, my brethren,
and sing to him in one spirit.
Implore him all.

We pray thee all of us together,
the Elect and the Believers.
Implore him all.

Do not make reckoning with us now, our Lord,
according to the multitude of our sins.
Implore him all.

Glory to the Father,
who sent thee for the salvation of thy holy Churches.
Implore him all.

Glory and victory to the Paraclete,
our Light, Man, and the soul of Mary.
Implore him all.


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