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of the Manichaean Bema Psalms

Light resplendent, the Bema, thou art come;
we call unto thee, the children of the Paraclete, our Lord Mani.
I will keep festival for thee today : I have purified my heart,
o Bema, holy likeness, that overawes him that approaches it.
I bless thee, o glorious seat, the sign of the Wisdom ;
we worship the sign of thy greatness and the mysteries ineffable.

Thou art the blessed Root. Thou art the confirmation of the Luminaries.
Thou art the gift of the air. Thou art the manifestation of the victory of the Light.

We see thee now, blessed one, the word that is in singleness of heart:
we gaze after thee, the holy one, the . . . . . . .
that is new indeed.

Thou art he that waits for Christ, that he may judge the sinners through thee:
today also though thee the Mind puts to shame the portions of Error.
Thanks to thee and peace, the garland and the palm.
Thou art the new year's day of joy. Thou art the hour of gladness.
Thou art the medicine of the healing of our wounds, which are . . . . . .
and the wounds of the Faithful which cannot be healed......
. . . . . . . salvation and rest.

Thou art he that crushes the evil, setting a garland upon godliness :
thou art he that cleanses the Light from the Darkness ;
thou art he that gives rest unto the souls of man.

Thou art the honor that is honored before all the apostles ;
thou art the throne of the judges of godliness that separate the two natures.

Thou art. . . . . . . . . sparing ; thou art compassion entire ; thou art the holy . . . . . .

Glory to thee, Mani : victory also to thy Bema.
Victory to thy Elect and thy Catechumens and
the soul of Mary, Jmnoute, Pshai.

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