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Evening Prayer


In the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit. Amen.

Night has spread its veils over us, everything invites us to mediate. I raise my thoughts to you, oh divine Propator, and I come into your presence to examine the conduct of my day.


Examination of Conscience

Did I not hide my religious thoughts when, on the contrary, I should have expressed them clearly? Have I not mixed the name of God with words of impatience, anger, lying or thoughtlessness? Have I at all times had a firm will and have I always subjected it to the light of reason? Have I always preserved my dignity? Have I always been moderate in prosperity and patient in adversity? Have I been angry? Have I been proud, vain, or ambitious? Have I always treated my neighbor like a brother and with love? Have I acted out of hatred or vengeance? Have I abstained from gossip, from slander and from rash judgments? Have I put right the wrong caused to my fellow-man? Have I always told the truth? Have I always kept my word when it was given? Finally, have I filled my day well?

Those, oh my Father, are many faults; I admit them before you, and even though you do not need my confession and you see into the depths of my heart, I confess to you nevertheless and I admit them before heaven and earth because I have greatly sinned in words, in deeds and in omissions; it is my fault, my own fault, my grievous fault. Oh my God and my Father, I have sinned against you, I am no longer worthy to be called your child; break the hardness of my heart and by your infinite strength and goodness, bring forth from it tears of penitence. Forgive me, on my God, for all the wrong that I have done and cause to be done; forgive me for all the good I have not done and which I should have done, or that I have done badly; forgive me for all the sins that I know of and for those which I do not know of: I feel sincere repentance for them and I want to make an effort to put them right. Amen.


Lord, oh divine Propator, who are the Father of lights and the protector of all those who hope in you, deign to take me in your holy protection during this night and keep me from all danger and from every peril. During the sleep of my body, make my soul watch in you. Subdue in me all wrong desires; make my conscience enjoy a holy tranquillity; take far from me evil thoughts and all the dangerous illusions of the Archon. Grant your powerful protection to my parents, to my friends, to all those who make up the family of Gnostics and generally to all men.

Father, as I fall asleep, I place my confidence in you and in the double and shining start of the Pleroma. Amen.

In the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit. Amen.


(Adopted from the usage of the French Gnostic Church)

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