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Manichaean Scriptures

Hymn in honor of the Dominions of Light -
A Manichaean Hymn in Persian.

On the Twelve Dominions.


Ninth: Righteousness, the sower of goodness.
You are a living tree, a firm column, with which you put the living powers of
the Vahman in order, with righteousness and generosity.
And you proclaim them with great righteousness in the lower community
and the upper community.

Tenth: Thankfulness, you good redeemer, resurrector of dead souls.
You fulfil the wishes of the three immortal ones, and you give understanding
and beneficence to the children of the faith, whole limbs you have vitalized
with thankfulness. And you caused Jesus the Splendor to be honored.

Eleventh: Goodness, which is the living spirit, the wisdom of the Father and the
splendor of the gods. You are the revelation of the life of the World of Light,
and the first of those revelations, that are full of wondrous power and wisdom.
And you caused the spirit of Zurvan to be strenghtened.

Twelfth: Light.
You are Light from the World of Lights. Those that are illuminated by you
are themselves signs of Light. You are yourself the praised spirit in the
hearts of the blessed. And you freed them from the slavery of being in
the state of confusion (mixture of good and evil).
And  you praised the radiant Vahman, the ruler of the Church.

We revere with great beneficence the whole community of the elect ...