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The Psalms to Jesus

Psalm XXX

Jesus Christ in whom I have believed,
show thyself to me quickly and save me.

O merciful and good , full of mercy upon . . . .
O First-born, Jesus, whom I have loved,
do not forsake me in my tribulations . . .

Since my youth unto thee have I given thanks;
I forsook the universe, I believed in thee,
I stood in thy name, O only-begotten.
Do not forsake me in my tribulations.

It is heavy upon me, the vesture wherein I stood:
all men hating it and persecuting it; but thou it is to
whom I gave my soul.
Do not forsake me in my tribulations.

Lo, they of the sky stand against me and they that are
below multiply my tribulations; they that are with
me also are filled with wrath against my soul.

[illegible section]

I beseech thee in entreaties,
for thou art the bidden joy of thy children.

I called unto thee: do not turn away from me, but
. . . . and bear me quickly and make thy mercy
overtake my weakness.

Hear me and make thy succor overtake me,
that I may rest from all afflictions and my soul too
rejoice because it called unto thee and thou didst answer it.

Glory and victory to our Lord. Mani, the Spirit of Truth,
who cometh from the Father, and his holy perfect Elect,
and the soul of the blessed (paKapia) Mary, Tbeona, Pshai, Jmnoute.

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