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Put in Me a Holy Heart, My God


Put in me a holy heart, my God:
let an upright Spirit be new within me.

The holy heart is Christ;
if he rises in us, we also shall rise in him.

Christ has risen, the dead shall rise with him.
If we believe in him, we shall pass beyond death and come to life.

The sons of faith, - they shall see faith:
lo, . . . . . . come, let us put oil in our lamps.

Let us gather in and become warm milk;
this creature . . . . . . hope which has come from on high.

The creature of the Darkness is this body we wear:
the soul which is in it is the First Man.

The First Man who was victorious in the Land of Darkness,
he also today will be victorious in the body of death.

The Living Spirit that gave help to the First Man,
he also today is the Paraclete-Spirit (Comforting Spirit) .

One is the Mind that is to come, that reveals,
gathering in, choosing his holy Church.

Purify me, my God, purify me within, without:
purify the body, the soul and the Spirit.

Let . . . . . . be a holy body for me:
the knowledge . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spirit and Mind for me.

Purify me, my God, . . . . . . . . . . in these three . . . .
. . . . . my mouth . . . . . . . . . . . and the purity of my virginity.

Jesus has risen: he has risen in three days,
the Cross of Light that rises in the three powers.

The Sun and the Moon and the Perfect Man,
-- these three powers are the Church of the Great World.

Jesus, the Maiden, and the Mind which is in their midst
-- these three powers are the Church of the Little World.

The Kingdom of the heavens, behold, it is within us, behold, it is outside us;
if we believe in it we shall live in it for ever.

Glory, victory to every man that has heard these things
and believed in them and fulfilled them in joy.
Victory to the Soul of the blessed Mary.

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