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Valentinus and the Valentinian Tradition: Content Summary

Index The Figure of Error in the Gospel of Truth
A Basic Reading List on Valentiniansim The Name and Naming in Valentinianism
A Brief Summary of Valentinian Theology The Pair in Valentinian Thought
A Chronology of the Valentinian School The Role of Jesus in Valentinianism
Christ and the Church The Valentinian School
Detailed Articles on Valentinianism (18 Essays) The Valentinian View of Creation
Faith and Knowledge Valentinian Ethics
Fragments of Lost Writings Valentinian Monism
Joined to an Angel Valentinian Sacramental Practice
Valentinus - A Gnostic for All Seasons (Biography) Valentinian Scriptural Interpretation
Notable Valentinian Personalities Valentinian Teaching on Sin
Organization of the Valentinian School Valentinian Theology
Psychology and Salvation Valentinians and the Bible
Realized Eschatology Valentinians and the Jewish Temple
Sophia and Eve Valentinus
The Demiurge in Valentinianism The Writings of the Valentinian School


Content authored by David Brons