A Gnostic "Abraxas" gem, dating from the 3rd century.

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The links below represent a cross-section of the some of the material relating to Gnosticism and Gnostic studies available on the Web.  Quality varies considerably from site to site, but we have tried to give special note to the better resources.  (Of course, a Google search will lead to a vast quantity of material -- though often of mixed quality.)

Newsgroups and other Interactive Forums

Internet discussions have moved in recent years from the old "news server" format to various web forums, many hosted at Yahoo. There are now over a hundred forums on the Yahoo groups site that use the keyword "Gnosis" -- unfortunately most of these are of very limited value. One group  that I suggest visiting is the Gnosticism2 discussion.  For those interested in the Gospel of Thomas the GospelofThomas group often offers interesting discussions.  Try using the keyword search function at Yahoo groups to find other topics that might interest you. 

The following two "old-fashion" newsgroups are, for the most part, now a thing of the past.  I list them here out of historical interest.  (The Gnosis Archive was started back around 1993 as a way of archiving interesting posts from the Alt.religion.gnostic newsgroup, but then quickly evolved beyond that....)   

  • Soc.religion.gnosis newsgroup -- once a fair source of material and posts relating to Gnosticism, at one time moderated by Dean Edwards.
  • Alt.religion.gnostic newsgroup -- often more active than the above group and not moderated.

Introductory Materials

  • Gnosis Overview. A short outline of the history and development of gnosis through the century, covering the wide variety of sects and movements. Written by Dean Edwards.
  • Gnosis Bibliography. Comprehensive bibliography of works relating to gnosticism.
  • Also see the introductory section on the front page of the Gnosis Archive

Thomas and Gospel of Thomas Studies

  • The Gospel of Thomas Collection in the Gnostic Society Library offers the best single resource for Thomas studies currently available on the web.
  • The Gospel of Thomas and other Thomas literature is the focus of the Gospel of Thomas Homepage. You will find useful links here, but unfortunately over the years this site has become quite disorganized and difficult to navigate.
  • The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Twin of Jesus, a complete online book by Herbert Christian Merillat which gives a useful overview of the place of the Apostle Thomas and Thomas literature in Gnosticism. The author has kindly contributed this file to The Gnosis Archive. It is also now available in print from at Amazon.com.

Valentinus and Valentinian Gnosticism

  • Valentinus and the Valentinians: This may be the best single introductions to the Valentinian school available anywhere.   Valentinus was one of the most influential Gnostic Christian teachers of the second century A.D. He founded a movement which spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. This site, authored by David Brons and  now archived in our Library by his permission, is dedicated to the Valentinian Gnostic tradition. It features a large and superbly written collection of articles on the teachings of the school. 

Mary Madalene

  • Magdalene.org serves those with an interest in Mary Magdalene. Though the site owners have a distinctly Gnostic view of Magdalene, the site attempts to support a broad perspective on how Magdalene has been perceived through the centuries. Included at this site is a large list of links to other associated resources.

Gnostic Studies at the University of Goettingen

Coptic Studies

Periodicals of Interest

  • Gnosis Magazine. For fifteen years Gnosis Magazine served as an excellent source of materials relating to the Gnostic tradition.   Unfortunately, the journal ceased publication in 1999.  It is, however, still possible to order back issues -- many of these are wonderful sources of information.  

Posts and Notes from the "Early Years" (pre-1995) of the Gnosis Archive  

These may be of limited interest at present, but they do represent some of the materials archived in the original Gnosis Archive many years ago.  Since links to several of these files have existed for years, we have preserved them in our catalog of materials.

Special Section on Mormonism, Hermeticism and Gnosis

Two popular essays by Lance Owens (editor of The Gnosis Archive) on subjects related to the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith.


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