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Marcion:  Gospel of the Lord and Other Writings

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Archive Notes:

The following materials offer excellent introduction to Marcion and his writings: Marcion (left),with the Apostle John, to whom he "brought scriptures from the Pontic brethren..." (10th century miniature from the archives of the Cathedral St.Bravo in Ghent).

We express our gratitude to Daniel Mahar and the The Center for Marcionite Research who have collected, edited and contributed to the Archive the fine collection of materials found in this section.

The Gospel of the Lord

The entirety of The Gospel of the Lord by Marcion is presented below, as reconstructed from extant sources.  The text is divided into 6 sections, each referenced to parallel chapters in the Gospel of Luke.

The text is based on "The Gospel of the Lord" by James Hamlyn Hill (1891), which made use of the 1823 reconstruction by August Hahn. This current version is further revised by Daniel Mahar to reflect the reconstruction done by Theodor Zahn ("Geschichte des n.t. Kanons", vol.II., 1888), which places in doubt some of the material Hahn and Hill allowed into their versions.

For reference, the the text presented here is hyperlinked to the two major (and hostile) patristic sources utilized in its reconstruction: Tertullian, Against Marcion (Adversus Marcionem) Book IV; and Ephiphanius, Panarion, Section 42, "Against the Marcionites" (Dindorfus' Greek edition of Ephiphanius is included here along with a few other notes in English).

Other Writings by Marcion

  • Marcion: To the Galatians
    (From the 1887 reconstruction of Marcion's text, by C.W. Van Manen)

Patristic Writings Against Marcion

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