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Pistis Sophia

Translated by G. R. S. Mead

Notes on  Reproduction and Text Layout:  

This text has been scanned from the revised second edition published in 1921 (the first edition appeared in 1896). Page numbers from the original print edition appear here in green.  In the original book, running comments are placed in the margins. The web version of this text is formatted to emulate this layout. For proper display of the layout, your web browser should support cascading style sheets -- almost all browsers release since 2001 support this standard feature.

Scanned text edited and proofed by John Bruno Hare, July 3, 2005. Text and format edited and corrected for inclusion in The Gnostic Society Library, November 27, 2005.

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Annotated Bibliography

The First Book of Pistis Sophia

The Second Book of Pistis Sophia

A Third Book

A Fourth Book

Chapter 126
Chapter 127
Chapter 128
Chapter 129
Chapter 130
Chapter 131
Chapter 132
Chapter 133
Chapter 134
Chapter 135

A Fifth Book

Chapter 136
Chapter 137
Chapter 138
Chapter 139
Chapter 140
Chapter 141
Chapter 142
Chapter 143

A Sixth Book

Chapter 144
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
Chapter 147
Chapter 148

A Later Postscript

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