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The G. R. S. Mead Collection


The Philosopher Explorer and Social Reformer of the First Century AD

by G.R.S. Mead

 1901 Edition


Chapter  1 -- Introductory
Chapter  2 -- The Religious Association and Communities of the First Century
Chapter  3 -- India and Greece
Chapter  4 -- The Apollonius of Early Opinion
Chapter  5 -- Texts, Translations, and Literature
Chapter  6 -- The Biographer of Apollonius
Chapter  7 -- Early Life
Chapter  8 -- The Travels of Apollonius
Chapter  9 -- In the Shrines of the Temples and the Retreats of Religion
Chapter 10 -- The Gymnosophists of Upper Egypt
Chapter 11 -- Apollonius and the Rulers of the Empire
Chapter 12 -- Apollonius the Prophet and Wonder-worker
Chapter 13 -- His Mode of Life
Chapter 14 -- Himself and His Circle
Chapter 15 -- From His Sayings and Sermons
Chapter 16 -- From His Letters
Chapter 17 -- The Writings of Apollonius


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